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As the country continued to reel from the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, Wemco Security & Collections Limited secured its real assets – the hardworking, dedicated men and women, who work at the firm’s Grand Bahama location. While the building sustained minor damages, the employees were facing life-altering conditions on the island brought about by Dorian’s devastating blow.

On Tuesday, September 17, 2019, representatives from Wemco’s executive management team flew into Grand Bahama to meet with the staff to ensure their wellbeing after Hurricane Dorian battered the island. The team, comprising of Mrs. Judy Wemyss, wife of the President, Mr. Henry Wemyss; Ms. Keisha Wemyss, CEO of Finance & Security Operations; Ms. Jewel Fulford, General Manager of Human Resources and Mr. Charles Moree, General Manager of Security Operations was able to get a firsthand view of the state of affairs on the island, particularly as it related to the availability of groceries and other basic necessities. 

Immediately after that visit, Ms. Keisha Wemyss, along with the President and his Wife, spearheaded relief efforts for the Grand Bahama staff. On Thursday, October 3, 2019, Ms. Keisha Wemyss, Mrs. Judy Wemyss and Mr. Charles Moree returned to Grand Bahama. They were accompanied by Mrs. Acribba Lightbourne, CEO of Human Resources & Public Relations and Mr. Elton Gibson and Mr. Kennard Whyms from the Maintenance Team.   

“Today, we came down to Freeport to see how best we can support our staff…just to bring some sort of comfort once again to their lives,” said Mrs. Acribba Lightbourne. “To give them hugs and hope that everything is going to be okay.”

The company’s support was evidenced by truck loads of groceries, many cases of water, lots of canned goods, sanitation and household supplies which were shipped in for the staff.  Setting up a distribution center under a big white tent at the office site on Queens Highway, the executives rolled up their sleeves and got to work sorting and packaging bundles of several months’ supplies for each employee. Throughout the day, the employees showed up with their family members to collect what some employees referred to as a “care package” and others “a helping hand.” The executives also took the time to listen as employees recounted their experience during the hurricane.  

There was an overwhelming air of gratitude as employees thanked God for Wemco and expressed their appreciation for the company’s willingness to help. After experiencing the strongest hurricane to make landfall in the Bahamas, Grand Bahama residents are struggling with many challenges but according to local Supervisor, Ms. Carolyn Sturrup, the much-needed supplies provided by Wemco, “lessened the burden and gave staff one less thing to worry about.”

The executives intended to touch the lives of each family before returning to Nassau and after a long day, they left satisfied.  “It was a lot of work but at the end of the day just to see the smiles on the staff faces meant everything to us and we just want them to know how much we appreciate them,” stated Mrs. Lightbourne.  She also expressed Wemco’s commitment to supporting the employees throughout the recovery period.

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