Future Services

Internal Development

Recreational and Game Centre

Wemco is a family oriented company and it is the vision of our CEO to allow employees and their families to relax and unwind in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. To accomplish this, Wemco plans to build a recreational and game centre complete with a food court for the use of our ever-expanding staff and their immediate families.

Housing Initiative

We realize that there is a great demand for affordable housing in the Bahamas and in an effort to assist, Wemco is in the process of partnering with local banks and other lending institutions to make homes affordable to our employees who need assistance with housing. Further, we are about to embark on the establishment of our own housing subdivision.

External Development

Security Recruitment Agency

Wemco hopes to become a specialist recruitment agency providing various security organizations with quality permanent and temporary staff. If you are looking for security personnel with a particular skill set, Wemco will make sure to find the right people for the right jobs and the best jobs for the best people.

Security Training School

Wemco hopes to establish and operate a training school that addresses the need for affordable, quality training for Contract Security Guards within the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and the Caribbean Islands. The school will offer courses such as: basic security officer training, private investigator courses, CPR/first aid courses and many more.

Air & Seaport Security

Wemco intends to increase its scope of services and abilities and to strengthen its ties and dedication to the law enforcement agencies of The Bahamas. By doing so, Wemco will be in a position to assist in supplying services of the highest order to ensure public safety & security, protection of critical infrastructure, the promotion of security awareness and general protection for the transportation of persons and property passing through Bahamian air and seaports.

DNA Testing

Wemco hopes to branch off into the high­-growth field of DNA testing. DNA testing offers the drop off and pick-up services, ATM supply, central night depository coin services and after-hours emergency delivery or pick ups.


Credit & Collections

Wemco plans to expand further into the field of credit and collections. Wemco will offer services related to the collection of delinquent accounts in a fast, efficient and professional manner.

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