Consultancy & Training

As a result of the need to regularly train thousands of security officers, Wemco Security created a full time Training Unit. Wemco offers valuable general security information for protecting your business, property, assets and staff in cases of emergencies. All of our consultancy services are provided by established professionals with extensive field experience. We use practical solutions based on foresight and our extensive experience providing security assessments and recommendations to diverse clientele. When it comes to security, Wemco can provide you with the information you need to prevent potentially costly lapses in security.

Contact us to assist you in establishing your own security protocols that will not only save you time and money but prevent considerable unforeseen losses.

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Risk & Vulnerability Assessment

We all hope to never be affected by the surrounding threats in today’s turbulent environment but in the dangerous world that we live in, our safety should never be left to chance. Against this reality, Wemco knows that an onsite physical security assessment is the first step in determining whether you have adequate security measures in place to protect your home or property from criminal elements.

Creating a Security Plan That Fits You

Through this service we conduct a complete security review, identify and analyze the probable threats and vulnerabilities which you face and create a detailed, cost­effective security plan that considers:

  • Customized CCTV Specifications
  • Updated Security systems
  • Increased Perimeter Electronic Surveillance Equipment
  • Upgraded Alarm Systems
Security Training

Today, with the ever increasing levels of crime, the need for professionally trained security guards should not be compromised or taken for granted. Wemco believes that the quality of services provided by security officers can only be as good as the quality of training they receive. We take training seriously and are not only committed to training our own officers but also hosting and coordinating professional training workshops for security officers in both the private and public sectors.

Crime Prevention Training

In our crumbling economy, crime has skyrocketed and affected persons from all walks of life. Business owners, home owners and other property owners have invested in security equipment and services to safeguard themselves against becoming victims of crime. However, Wemco believes that crime prevention is more than security bars and alarm systems but a way of life that involves becoming aware and involved in what is going on around you. Training has become an increasingly important aspect of empowering and equipping the community with essential information to survive crime in today’s world.

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